Practice Areas: Higher Ed Community Engagement, University-Community Partnerships & Anchor Institutions

Institutional Community Engagement Assessment and Feasibility Study: Data-rich reports include recommendations for improving community engagement with an institution’s neighboring communities.

Institution-Community Partnership Initiative Alignment:  In-person gatherings that help establish a common vision among campus leaders, community leaders, stakeholders and local social entrepreneurs influencers (who typically do not engage or communicate with one another), and provide a platform for effective collaboration. 

Improving Community Engagement Accountability Strategy Session: Small discreet meetings assist executive campus leaders and community leaders in building trust and collaboration toward development of a shared vision and strategy.  I offer advisory counsel across a range of issues and topics related to historical mistrust, boundary spanning practice and the building of inclusive partnership frameworks.

Civic Practice Professional Development Training:  Training that focuses on cross sector partnership and anchor institution practice fields, helping campus leaders gain insights and understanding into the local community development innovation ecosystem.  Thru an on-line knowledge-sharing platform and in-person coaching experiences, clients access original content on today’s civic leaders & social entrepreneurs & their work from across the country through a flipped classroom curriculum using individual case studies that are an interwoven collection of short storytelling videos, live streams, blogs, and podcasts.  The professional development is organized around five community engagement core competency areas. 

Special Consultancies Designed According to Client Specifications

My goal in my practitioner and scholarly work is to ask hard questions. I move across the boundaries of different and often times divergent stakeholder groups to build answers.
— Holly Harriel